The Many Wonders of Glass!



How are the glass pieces created? 

Wonders of Glass

Fusing and Slumping 

Starting with flat sheets of colored or transparent glass, the design is created by cutting and arranging pieces on a background shape.

This is put into a special Glass Kiln and heated 1800 degrees, which softens and melts the glass, causing the pieces to fuse (join) together, and to curve the sharp edges.

Slumping refers to the shaped works, like a dish, which have 3 dimensions.  A negative mold is made, and the fused glass is laid over it. Once again, it is heated in the kiln and the softened glass slumps into the shape of the mold.

Fusing and Slumping

Mosaic work

Traditional mosaics date back to Roman times. These were done with very small cut pieces of stone or glass, arranged to create a pattern or picture.  They were held in place by a special adhesive, and grout, just as tile floors are today!

My mosaic mirrors are made in a similar way.  Sometimes they are all glass mosaics, such as the Lantern. Many times, for fun, I also incorporate non glass items, such as seashells, fused animals, scrabble tiles etc. I really enjoy finding new ways of creating multi-media art!

Bowl, Framed Mirrors in Napa, CA


An extra touch of whimsy defines my "art" mirrors, which appeal to children, and artists.  A combination of real crayons, erasers, felt pens and tiles are eye catching and amusing. These can be made in larger sizes, and with numerous "found objects"!

I am currently designing some wall pieces which are not actually sculptures, but are much more three-dimensional. Nature is a infinite source of inspiration.For example, flowers, of every color and size provide pleasure and creative new ideas!