About the Artist

Jenny with fused sushi plate and amoeba tile

Entering my studio I feel a sense of excitement and adventure. I have fun designing each new project, and no two are the same. 

Seeing a young child's joy at receiving a large colorful lollipop gave me the idea for lollipopglass!

Glass is so wonderful: it can be every color, or no color, reflective, transparent, translucent, or opaque!

The fluid nature of melting glass in the kiln adds a sense of energy to each piece.

We all know the beauty of sunlight streaming through a stained glass window. And glass mosaics from Roman or Byzantine installations have kept their power to amaze and enchant us for 2000 years.

For me it's a privilege to create art that people live with and enjoy in their homes everyday!


An Original Collection of Glass Art
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